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ECOM Premium – Powerful online commerce system with expanded functionality, full support, integrations and huge amount of items.

Branch in any country within 24h

Open branches of your online shop in any country within 1 day’s time.

Find a partner in the required region, come to an agreement about distribution of profit and provide him with a fully functional online shop. We will launch the partner’s online shop system within just 1 day’s time!

B2B system

Activate the offered B2B (Business 2 Business) modules and the potential partners will be able to find you online.

Perhaps right now someone is looking for a supplier of the type of goods you are producing. Take advantage of additional opportunities to increase turnover by activating the B2B system part. We think, you’ll agree – it is better to activate B2B and receive even only several unexpected purchases quarterly rather than not to activate the B2B and don’t get those purchases at all.

Automatic data exchange

All the information about orders, waybills, debtor data, product returns, and complaints will be exchanged automatically between you and your partners to save your time and reduce the work amount.

Manager’s help

Our managers will help you with the implementation of new project and ideas and will also help to understand how the system works, provide consultations, help to set up the system, control the project work capacity, etc.

System integration processes

We will integrate ECOM into your accounting systems (if the systems provide such possibility), into any bank system (providing possibility for the client to pay for the order immediately after order execution), and also with logistics companies (Omniva, Venipak, etc.), to carry out complete information exchange with logistics companies enabling transparent and visible processes.

Powerful system

Support for up to 300 000 nomenclature positions, and the total amount of dedicated space on disk – 30 GB.

Marketing for your shop

Use different marketing activity possibilities to attract more clients – promo codes, bonus system, mailing, promotions, etc. By using these functions you will be able to considerably increase your turnover with simple actions.


Manage your stock conveniently and easily!

Use the stock accounting module during the acceptance of goods for storage to label the items according to their further usage and to generate the internal barcode of the item. By using the barcode it is possible to record the further movement of goods until the transfer of goods to the client.

Financial document management

Create invoices and waybills, record all payments and manage all your documentation just with two clicks. System automatically generates all the necessary documents, thus ensuring the exchange and flow of the necessary documentation quickly and easily.

Group buying module

Use the possibilities of collective order!

Send offers to participate in the purchase of particular goods shopping and receive applications for participating in the lowest price collective purchase.

Mobile agent 

Use the benefits of mobile ordering system!

Receive mobile ordering system that your agents can use with clients.

Data pooling

We also offer data pooling from various foreign sources in addition to the manual data import or data pooling from existing systems.

We can pool data by using FTP, import data from other B2B systems, ‘grab’ from unfamiliar online shops (or receive data from them by using XML), and also automatically use your data files (for example Excel files) by using E-mail (ECOM can connect to your e-mail account and search for data there).

Business process control option

Division of tasks between managers, statistics data, etc.


Models with responsive design

Sell anywhere – using both the computer and also the mobile devices.


Informative support: Technical support: Available amount of resources:
Individual consultations about system processes and the work with the system; Troubleshooting and eliminating the technical errors; According to necessities
Help Desk; Analyst’s services (8hours);  
Consultations about the content entered into system and related corrections. Creating database and webpage backup copies once per day;  
Consultations about client internet resources related to the project (for example, consultations about domain management and maintenance) Monitoring of automatic processes;  
  Project online access support 24/7;  
  Timely server software update;  
  Automatic platform update to the latest version free of charge.  

Additional options of ECOM 2.0 Premium:

Without intermediaries – offer your goods to customers without intermediaries, using your online shop(s)

You will automatically receive one or multiple online shops (for different countries, with various designs, with the necessary interface language and range of products) with the ability to manage them in one united system.

Partner shops – publish your items in the ECOM system partner online shops and receive additional orders

You will receive access to partner online shops for co-locating your range of goods in them, or we can place your items in the 3rd party online shop platforms specified by you. Exchange of the goods data and receiving orders from these platforms is done automatically.

RESALE – offer your online shop system to other sellers

It is possible that another supplier or manufacturer wishes to sell his products using your online shop and pay you commission fee for this service. In your ECOM online shop you will be able to sell goods of other suppliers within one day’s time!

PDF catalogue creation

Create the catalogue of the entire product range of your online shop in the PDF form with just one mouse click! Use the PDF catalogue for the sales and other needs.

„Price spy” – gather data from aggregators and always stay informed about price changes

System allows to gather data from aggregators and to define product prices using as basis the information gathered according to parameters specified by you.

Carry out market analysis and fix the price of your goods according to the received market analysis results – stay one step ahead of the competition and increase your turnover.

Do you wish to develop your online shop or increase its turnover?

Contact us and receive ECOM system customized for your company

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