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ECOM 2.0

Increase the sales turnover of your company and manage your commercial processes as well as your online shop in an easy and convenient way – with an exceptional quality that your clients will also feel!



We will integrate ECOM 2.0 e-commerce system and connect it with your data, online shop, nomenclature and internal processes very quickly – your client won’t even notice a thing.



The visual interface of our ECOM system is convenient and intuitive to any user – you can work using simple navigation, different interface languages, visually depicted actions and much more…



Use the ECOM system customised exactly for the specific internal requirements and processes of your business – only with the functions you require, without anything unnecessary.

ECOM 2.0 e-commerce system – it is a WEB platform, where you can easily and conveniently perform all the activities related to your sales process – for example process orders, write out invoices and waybills, integrate the products of suppliers and manufacturers into your homepage and system, and much more!

  • Comprehensive functions for any needs

  • Possibility to enable only the functions necessary for you

  • Semi-automated mass production processing

  • Opportunity to greatly increase turnover

  • Newest functions and solutions

  • Convenient stock item management

  • Visually convenient and clutter-free system

  • Fast and easy system integration

  • Qualitative and customer friendly online shop

  • Wide range of possibilities for production distribution

Choose your ECOM 2.0 system

399 € / month
Simple and functional online shop with a convenient e-commerce system – quick, effective and at a reasonable price.
Online shop in 1 day’s time Order processing and execution system Payment loading immediately from the bank Business process control options E-orders for online commerce Option to create multiple online shops Individual price lists System integration processes
Price by request
Powerful online commerce system with expanded functionality, full support, integrations and huge amount of items.
Branch in any country within 24h Order processing and execution system Manager’s support Marketing possibilities and planning Stock registration tool Financial document module Group buying module Automatic data exchange Payment loading immediately from the bank B2B system Business process control option E-orders for online commerce Option to create multiple online shops Individual price lists System integration processes Mobile agent On-premises** licence

*Cost of ECOM 2.0 Individual can change according to necessary functions.

**Option to acquire on-premises licence for the company needs


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