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Why choose a serious and more expensive e-commerce platform over a cheap one?

Nowadays, when almost every person thinks about his own business, it is almost natural to make something out of it. Or try to make something at very least.

If you find yourself amongst them and you have gone so far that you are looking for e-commerce software and online store making tools (or even compare them), soon enough you will find the most popular solutions for SMEs that are very attractive in terms of cost and ease of use, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Volusion and many other.

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How was ECOM 2.0 made

The short background story would be, that at the time of year 2000, a guy named Edgars Rasiņš, a latvian programmer was working with a lot of projects, and many of them were online stores. At that time he was creating online stores with their CMS, but soon he realized, that it was far not enough. Seeing the whole e-commerce process from inside – from its very beginning to the end customer, – he understood that standard online stores with their CMS covers very little part of the whole e-commerce process.

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About ECOM 2.0

ECOM 2.0 is a platform that provides the clients with an opportunity to manage the entire trading process cycles in both B2C and B2B segments.

Because trade is a system in a state of constant development, which regularly requires new technical and organizational solutions, ECOM 2.0 helps its clients to develop their products according to the market requirements. Thus, ECOM offers to its clients not only software solutions, but also an all-embracing technological partnership.

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